Iain Lawson

When it comes to Smooth Jazz, Iain’s been a fan right back to the early 60’s and has always wanted to present a music show, but it wasn’t till 2021 that he decided to do something about it.

With the encouragement of his 3 sons who bought him his first studio equipment The Chill & Thrill Show has
been Featured on Jazz Juice radio in the UK, Waveney Valley radio in the UK, and currently BGX radio
in Canada, and OBS Radio Network.

Iain loves researching and airing independent Smooth Jazz Artists, and his weekly show podcast on
MIXCLOUD and Monday Listening Party attracts listeners from all over the world.

He grew up in The North East of England listening to Radio Caroline & Luxembourg and started
collecting music in the mid 60’s , the bulk of it now in Digital format and he is still collecting music
and is unlikely to ever stop!

Iain’s pet hate is presenters talking over the brilliant music!! Iain enjoys putting the show together and has sections in the show to provide variety and changes in tempo.

So this is the show...

The Chill & Thrill Show with Iain Lawson (Mondays at midnight on Diamond Groove)

  • Classics and covers – covers of hits from the last 70 years in a smooth jazz style.
  • Fresh and cool – New music recently released.
  • Chillout – a musical massage to allow you to relax
  • Oddballs – loosely smooth jazz but out of the ordinary Different but Delightful
  • Smooth Segue – chilled and laid back tracks for easy listening
  • Then and Now – an old track and a new track from a featured artist
  • Earworms – my favourite tracks of the moment…. Unashamedly indulgent

Iain now lives in Wyke near Bradford in West Yorkshire in the UK Catch up on MIXCLOUD anytime.

Catch Iain on Facebook or X @chillthrillwyke
Email Iain on Chillandthrillwyke@gmail.com

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