Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
Tracking technologies, such as cookies, tags, pixels, fingerprinting, web beacons,
and similar script, are used to store and/or share information about website visitors,
their systems, and browsers. The information collected by cookies and tracking
technologies varies depending on each website components and can be of a
personal nature (data that directly or indirectly can identify you) and of a non-
personal nature (information that does not identify directly or indirectly any single
individual, such as cookies used to enable language settings on a website).

Information of a personal nature may include, but is not limited to, details regarding
the device you are using, the browser you are using, your IP address, the previous
website you visited, whether you clicked on one of our ads, and your browsing

Some of the cookies and tracking technologies that we use on our website are
strictly necessary and are there to technically enable the website and its
components and to enable security measures. Strictly necessary cookies are
activated without user consent because these are necessary for the website to work
properly and in a secure way. All other cookies and tracking technologies not
classified as strictly necessary are subject to consent from website visitors. 

This Cookies and Tracking Technology Notice (“Cookie Notice”) details each of the
cookies and other tracking technologies used on our website, as well as the
categories of data we collect, the purposes for which the cookies and other tracking
technologies collect data, and their classification into the four categories of tracking
technologies that we use. This Cookie Notice applies to

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